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Low cost digital download codes

Do you run an independent record label and want to add a digital download option to your physical releases?

Transmit Vinyl is a complete solution for offering digital versions of your label's releases (vinyl, cassette, anything!).
It is becoming common for labels to provide a download code with their analog releases. However, not everyone has the time and money to implement their own in-house solution. That's why we did all the hard work for you.

Here's all you have to do to add a digital download to your release...

You provide us with the MP3 versions (or whatever audio format you prefer: FLAC, OGG, etc) of the tracks on the release. If you have artwork for your release and company, provide those as well.

We then provide you with a list of download codes in an easy to print PDF. Print out the codes, cut them up (there will be multiple per sheet), and put the individual download code papers into each record / cassette / etc. (or give it to the pressing/duplication service you are using and save yourself some time). Now your customers can enjoy their release digitally!

Other Features

Your label will have its own subdomain on our site, so people will just type to get to your download site. We can even collect email addresses for your label's mailing list.

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